Black Lion - "Right Somebody" (Remix)

When the old-school golden era of Rap collides with Soul, Trap and Reggae, you get:
Black Lion

This group based out of Toronto, Canada is comprised of Rich Lindo and brother JR “Heny” Lindo. Collaborating together musically since 2012, the Lindo brothers have found success and high acclaim since their debut mixtape Black Lion Presents: The Prodigy and the Architect(2015). Having discovered their passion for music together at a young age, they were eager to play a role in Canada’s Hip Hop scene and take their sound to the next level. Their chemistry together as a group is what has allowed their musical vision to come to life. Black Lion’s sound is undeniably versatile and is rooted in an awareness of relevant current, historical, and emerging global themes and trends, as well as an appreciation for the lighter moments in life.

In Autumn, Rich and Heny’s dedication to their art was highlighted by the release of their debut EP titled Free Association. In a creative twist, the EP was distributed as a stunning audio-visual production. Each song was accompanied by a lyric video that captured its message perfectly. The list of collaborators includes Grammy-nominated production juggernaut Tone Mason, and soulful Toronto R&B artist Ray Robinson.

‘Right Somebody’ is their 2nd single to be released this year. Just in time for the summer, it is a remix from last year’s EP Free Associationthat includes an improved production and new elements that give it a fresh sound. One listen to this bumping track will have people falling in love on the dance floor. The song has a special meaning from the heart of Black Lion architect Rich Lindo. Having just recently married the love of his life, Rich dedicates ‘Right Somebody’ to his wife as “she deserves nothing less than the best.” The Lindo brothers share and deliver that sentiment of love and treating your significant other in the best way possible. People all over the world can relate to this. With its revamped beat, soothing combination of Hip Hop and Reggae style, and melodious hook in the chorus, ‘Right Somebody’ will have the bodies of listeners moving and grooving through the summer of 2019.

Black Lion - "Right Somebody" (Remix) Black Lion - "Right Somebody" (Remix) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 17.5.19 Rating: 5

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