WMR Media Leading Hip Hop Publicity Promotion Company in 2018

WMR Media is new and fast growing music PR Agency which was started by 2 young entrepreneurs. They are a company who help’s new and up-and-coming artists to achieve their dream – be seen and heard in this huge music industry where there are millions and millions of artists. They are working with new and upcoming artists and help them to build their music career.

WMR Music Group is a leading music promotions company, covering hip pop, grime,and urban music. We offer a host of affordable promotion services, including music PR, Social Media plugging, radio plugging, digital marketing and consultancy. 
You can record the greatest album of all times, but if no one knows about it, you might as well not have even bothered. If you want people to hear your music, then you need some vehicle of letting them know it's out there. Usually, the fastest way to make that happen is to get some press coverage of your new release, be it print, web or radio plays, and one of the fastest ways to getting some media coverage is to work with a music PR company.
So WMR Media are offering 3 very powerful Publicity Campaigns:
Level 1 Package
  • Exclusive Hip Hop Media Press Releases
  • Radio Interview
  • Guaranteed Blog Interviews
  • More than 200,000 People Reached
Level 2 Package
  • 2 Month's of Active Campaign
  • Radio Interview on iHeart Radio
  • Guaranteed  Blog Placements
  • More than 500,000 People Reached
Level 3 Package
  • Major Hip Hop Media Website Coverage
  • Radio or Live Interviews
  • Radio Plays
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • 3 Month's of Active Campaign
  • More than 7,000,000 People Reached

They have worked with various of clients in all different stages in their career, here are some feedbacks from their clients.
WMR Media ws fast and very effective!! They distributed our Press Release to thousands of music magazines, radio stations & webzines all around the planet!!! We secured an amazing amount of interviews and reviews just by using the services of WMR Media! If you are looking to be noticed, I highly reccomend using WMR Media to any Artist or Musician out there ! If you are serious about getting your music exposed to radio and press contact WMR Media & they will get the job done right!!!
WMR Media is who I use when I want to get publicity. They can get you the exposure you need where you need it. They have the contacts and ability to bring an artist or a project to the public with the grandeur that it deserves. Great publicity can make all the difference with a budding or even a flourishing artist - It can set the tone of success for a great project- It can bring a career to the forefront- and it is a key ingredient for the success of any endeavor in the entertainment business.Make sure to check them out on all social media websites:

WMR Media Leading Hip Hop Publicity Promotion Company in 2018 WMR Media Leading Hip Hop Publicity Promotion Company in 2018 Reviewed by Albert Miller on 14.10.18 Rating: 5

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