PENPALS - To Whom It May Concern (Album Stream)

The Brooklyn grown trio PENPALS, have returned to the center of the music scene with their latest album release “To Whom It May Concern”. The album’s deep but witty lyricism from MCs Cynic The Apache and Rapswell come in full fruition with Squires’ old-school hip-hop production. Giving a nod to the earlier days of hip-hop PENPALS captures the origins of the overgrown genre, but what else can you expect from a hip-hop trio grown in Brooklyn? With their own take of addressing an audience in the current political climate, Cynic the Apache and Rapswell execute a humorous tone with a serious underlying element to their tracks regarding spirituality in “Up To The Sky” and tech-conspiracy in “Hi-Tech” just to name a few. Being native New Yorkers the trio also garnered influence from the early jazz days of NY, notably on “My Goodness” and “DeLorean”. PENPALS delivered an album that strays away from the modernized hip-hop we listen to today with zero shortcomings in sight.

PENPALS - To Whom It May Concern (Album Stream) PENPALS - To Whom It May Concern (Album Stream) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 28.6.18 Rating: 5

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