Audrey - "Party"

Audrey is an singer/songwriter based out of New Jersey. She got started singing the national anthem at major arenas and had her first big break doing a commercial with Sampha that aired during the Grammys. She studied at the NYU Clive Davis program for a year and is currently taking some time off to release music. She's teamed up with producer Anwar Sawyer of RocNation and founder of indie label SMG Ent, to cultivate a new R&B elctro edge. "Party" is the first summer single. A delicious rnb midtempo, it's a gorgeous steak dinner for two where only one person shows up. Produced by The Innovatorz & Sawyer, the chords are lush but the drums and 808 are unkind. The song puts you in the room with a very sad Drake, next to Bey (after the infidelity). The hook will continue to swirl between your ears long after it's over. 

Audrey - "Party" Audrey - "Party" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 26.6.18 Rating: 5

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